The conference organizers rely heavily on contribution from a range of sources to fund the 22nd ICASA. Donation from our partners and supporters makes a crucial difference to facilitate an inclusive participation. The outcomes are reliant on our funding partnerships.

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  • Donor support and profiles are visible to a large, high-profile worldwide audience. Conference delegates include clinicians and other health workers; medical, biomedical, and social science researchers; social workers and community organizations; government and non-governmental agencies at all levels from local to international; the pharmaceutical industry and other businesses; educators; the media, policy makers and leaders.
  • Forums are arranged at the conference, in-person/virtual/hybrid during which donors can discuss issues related to their activities with other funders, government representatives, conference delegates, and their own grantees.
  • The Conference Secretariat assists in organizing satellite sessions at the conference venue, virtually or in a hybrid way for donors and provides help with their logistical arrangements.

The Conference Secretariat would be delighted to meet with governments, charitable foundations, companies, and others in-person/virtual or hybrid, who share our commitment to prevent, control and treat the HIV epidemic, the NCDs and others such as: Hepatitis, Tuberculosis, Malaria, COVID-19, to discuss ways in which support could be used. Funding can be directed to specific conference areas and programmes or invested in the general costs of the conference. For more information, please contact: WhatsApp No: +233(0)55 697 1776

Partner with ICASA 2023 and align your brand with one of the best-known and most respected international conference in Africa. Corporations, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and non-profit organizations who partner with ICASA 2023 share our brand values. Partnership with ICASA 2023 strengthens our partners brand value, build loyalty among key constituents, and promote business and conference objectives.

ICASA 2023 offers partnership packages at various levels. Our partnerships are structured to best meet your objectives and the conference needs. These relationships can be a combination of cash sponsorship, in-kind contributions and/or marketing support. To maximize our partners support and provide distinct assets to our sponsors we offer sponsorship packages based on the level of sponsor desired.

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Additional Benefits for Co-organizers & Senior Partners

NB: The package of ICASA 2023 is proposed to fit the virtual, hybrid & in-person format of the conference.

  • Special Satellite Session for Co-organiser only either virtual or in person (45 minutes in the afternoon (14:30 PM - 15:15 PM) that can be sent to our 25,000 members from SAA database.
  • Pre-recorded virtual satellite session with possibility of Q&A
  • Virtual satellite sessions with possibility of Q&A
  • Hybrid satellite sessions with possibility of Q&A
  • In-person satellite sessions.
  • Booking of Pre-Conference either virtual or in-person slots available 2 days (3rd and 4th December) or 1 day (4th December 2023).
  • Co-organizers & Senior Partners have the right to publish 3 workshops/events via ICASA DATABASE a week prior or during ICASA and publish their satellite sessions a day prior or the day of the session on ICASA 2023 mobile app.
  • Donors and partners can link up directly to participants by taking advantage of our Event feed and social wall from the conference mobile app.
  • - Companies to Watch: 4 minutes video to be sent to the conference organizer to provide a stage-like presence to effectively share your company’s story and demonstrate organization’s activities. These video presentations are strategically placed and distributed through our ICASA E-newsletters and social media channels. But the value does not end there! We will also provide you with the necessary links SAA/ICASA website.
  • Display of Partner’s Logo in ICASA e-newsletters: Our partners’ logo will be displayed in the conference center and on any adverts. Over 5 e-newsletters will be sent out regularly to over 25,000 members from SAA/ICASA database and prospective delegates. Companies who support us as Co-organizers/Senior Partners logos will be displayed in e-newsletters. This will increase the visibility of our partners.
  • Major sponsors website will be linked to the conference website.

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NB: Co-organizers: USD 100,000 additional benefit to be discussed with the ICASA Director

Categories Senior Partners USD90,000 Partners USD 45,000 Co-partners USD 22,500 Supporters USD 12,000 Co-supporters USD 6000
Logo in conference program & conference webpage
Logo appear before opening & closing ceremony start
Logo appear before parallel session
Right to use ICASA 2023 Logo
Exhibition opportunity & Press conference
Complementary exhibition booth (18 m2)
Complementary Exhibition booth (9m2)
Complementary Exhibition booth (9m2 space only)
Best Time slot to hold a press conference
Delegate Registrations
Complementary Delegate registration 6 4 2 1
VIP Tickets closing and opening ceremony 6 4 2 1 1
Advertisement & sponsors Items
Discount off sponsorship items 20% 10%
Discount on bag insert 35% 15%
Advertisement in conference publication & conference e-newsletter Online & Pocket Programme Online

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NB: Co-organizers: USD 100,000 additional benefit to be discussed with the ICASA Director

Standard Virtual Exhibition booth in 2D

NB: in case of in-person it will reflect as 9m2

(5,257 USD)

Customizable Virtual Exhibition booths in 3D

NB: in case of in-person it will reflect as 18m2

(10,050 USD)

3 minutes Video presentation 5 minutes Video presentation
Public booth chatrooms Private & public booth chatrooms
Link to exhibitor’s website Links to exhibitor’s website and 3 other social media sites
250 words Company Profile 500 words Company Profile
Non-downloadable content for attendees Downloadable content for attendees
Dedicated support before and during the event Downloadable content for attendees
Extensive analytics and reports including database of visitors

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