Scientific Programme

  1. Fast-tracking pandemic vaccines: lessons to learn from COVID-19 to HIV vaccine development?
  2. Delivery and access to innovative biomedical interventions, remove barriers, and build capacity in Africa (prevention, diagnostics, and therapeutics, adherence).
  3. Finding the missing targets: what more to do for HIV, Tuberculosis, STIs and Hepatitis?
  4. Human centered inclusion of key and vulnerable populations and implementation of differentiated service delivery approaches to overcome barriers.
  5. Optimization of innovative Paediatric therapeutics and prevention (DTG, TAF, bNAbs, etc).

Leadership Programme

  1. Innovative financing for HIV in the context of Universal Health Coverage: What works?
  2. Refocusing HIV finance in closing HIV equity gaps in Africa and prevention for youth.
  3. Supporting Innovation and People-Centered, Integrated Responses to End AIDS.
  4. From boutique to systemic and sustainable scale up: The case for HIV Prevention.
  5. Pandemic Preparedness Framework, implication for Africa.

Community Programme

  1. Community-Led data Driven responses: What works and what doesn’t. The case of Key and Vulnerable Populations during COVID-19.
  2. We are still getting HIV: Address the HIV Prevention crisis, accelerate access to biomedical prevention services/tools for women, adolescent girls and young people.
  3. Africa, where are our SRHR? - Understanding the importance of youth involvement in developing and implementing national, regional and continental SRHR policies.
  4. People living with HIV- Led responses - Gaps in Domestic resource mobilization/financing towards ending new HIV infections in Africa.
  5. Recognizing disability in the HIV continuum of care with a cross-impairment approach.

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